About Us

First Legal Discovery is a national electronic discovery company founded on the principles of great customer service.

First Legal Discovery is built of individuals united in the common purpose of service. Like a family, we care about our clients and work together for the health and success of the whole company. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments, stand by each other in challenging times, and succeed together.

When you work with us, you’ll discover a network of ediscovery experts who feel and act like a natural extension of your team. We believe in practicing with integrity, delivering on our promises, and being personally accountable. Those values come through in how we work, how we treat others, and in everything we do.

Our Values


“We are an extension of the client’s team. And like a family, we envision our clients alongside us, growing into the future together.”

Alex Martinez, CEO


Our goal is to build strong, long term relationships with clients- case team by case team. We focus on transparency and honesty, leaning on our expertise to help clients make the right decisions.

Gia Magliulo, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing


“Our team steps up. We band together and we handle it.”

Julio Matta, Director of Operations


“Each one of us knows how to stay flexible and take initiative to support the client every step of the way.”

Leatt Gilboa, President


“In whatever I do, whatever decisions I have to make, I think about what’s best for the client. In this business, clients don’t know what they don’t know and it’s very easy to be led astray. We shed the light on the clients’ blind spots to ensure their success.”

Catherine Mirhady, Managing Director