Trial Techs with In-House Perspective

We provide unsurpassed service and technological solutions using the latest, cutting edge tools. Our extensive in-house law firm experience differentiates us, as we have firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals in court.

Trial Support Services


Whether it is the inception of your litigation, managing complex discovery, trial preparation, or tech support inside the courtroom, our team of experts remain at your disposal. We understand that preparation and organization are vital for a seamless trial, and we are proud to offer a full suite of trial support services to aid you in achieving a favorable outcome. Our accomplished technology specialists are well versed in trial software such as Trial Director or OnCue, and can organize and build a digital trial database, assist with courtroom setup, video synching, display deposition clips, pre-annotate documents, create compelling demonstrative exhibits, timelines, PowerPoint presentations, and any other trial support you need. Whether it be a mediation, arbitration, or trial, First Legal is committed to enabling you for success.


As an extension of your trial team, our skilled courtroom technology specialists offer sophisticated hot-seat tech support and contribute valuable suggestions to help streamline your presentation. Our trial presentation equipment is quality checked to provide peace of mind and ensure reliable, unhindered presentation. Our technicians have first-hand knowledge of all trial software, can troubleshoot problems that may arise, and manage all exhibits and material to help you engage the jury and execute a flawless presentation.

Let us be your trusted partner, providing custom, best-in-class solutions for: